Large Is Better

I always enjoyed in TV quizzes. Unfortunately, I never had enough courage to go on television and compete for money. But that didn’t stop me from learning new things every day. For example, did you know that in Vietnam some men tried by themselves to enlarge their phallus by injecting silicone, liquid silicone to be specific, into their penises? Did it work, I am not sure, but I know that they all got severe problems. They all went to hospital but that wasn’t the biggest problem. Their biggest problem was that they all got some kind of infections and tumors. Not to mention that they couldn’t have sex anymore. Learning about this fact, inspired me to go and research about this subject. Not this particular Vietnamese men subject. I am talking about penis enlargement subject.

For starters, I thought that people in Vietnam didn’t have enough funds for surgical options or pills, so they tried this method. But I was wrong.

Turns out that there isn’t proven method that can help you to enlarge your penis. Well, at least, I didn’t find it.

I first looked for a medical solution, because I believe that we no longer live in the 15th century and that problems can be resolved with good medical guidance, especially with the progress of plastic surgery. However, surgeons don’t recommend this type of surgery. The procedure carries its risks and even desperate patients give up of surgery when they hear the news. Maybe when they hear this, they realize that their penis is long enough.

When I finished with researching medical options, I looked for alternatives. Pills came first. Pills are reachable for everyone, especially after their marketing exploring to almost any other web page. I even found and ad for penis enlargement pills on some political web page. But the problem is that I don’t know anyone, including me, who believes in any internet ad, not just these pills. I didn’t believe when they offered me an application for mobile which can x-ray people, so I didn’t believe them in this situation as well. But I wanted to found out something new. And I found out that my doubts were on the spot.

It turns out that pills cannot give you any sure result – at least permanent ones. Pills are unproven and they are carrying many side-effects with them.

People also don’t recommend it because there are not cheap. They are very expensive and they can be found online for more than sixty dollars. If you have money for spending and this health reason doesn’t scare you, then go ahead.

Other methods are not completely proved and are dangerous as well. There is a penis pump that can produce some results, but for a short period of time. If you are not familiar with it, the penis pump is a cylinder where you put your penis and then you create a vacuum in which your penis will increase. Although, it has some results, you can create more problems for you, bigger problems than having a small phallus. There are also techniques called jelqing and clamping but, stay out of there. Who knew that when you find one trivia, you can learn even more about that subject? That is the power of knowledge.Many women’s say that mensizematters and it is very interesting to hear more about that.

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