The Ancient Human Love Stories

Early humans also have a family conflict, when the beloved daughter chose a man who is not commensurate with the view of the father. What’s the storyline? Get ready for THE CROODS, the work of Dreamworks. Visit to watch this animated film.

This film raises the story of a family of cavemen who have to survive in a new world that is constantly changing under their feet. The depiction of the movie is very good. The animated film’s voice is Nicholas Cage as Grug, the hero of Croods, with his daughter (Emma Stone) growing up and falling in love with Guy (Ryan Reynolds).

Guy is portrayed as a more advanced figure evolved and poses a threat of change for the stubborn Grug. It does not tell the story of a meteor or lava or mammoth falling into a crack in the earth. It’s a story about her daughter who turns in front of her and lives with someone she thinks is worth it.