Clean the Central Air Conditioner Evaporator

Central air conditioner or central air conditioner usually has 2 parts namely Condenser and Evaporator. The condenser is a device that is usually placed outside the home. Most central air-conditioning is connected to the home distribution system aircon installation singapore. Therefore, in the cold and hot air using a motor engine, blower, and the same channel. When the central air conditioning operates, the hot air will flow through the drain and transfer to the blower in the evaporator in order to be replaced with cold air. When the central air conditioner is on but the air is not cold, it could mean there is a problem with the air distribution system. When your Central Air Conditioner is damaged, please trust us aircon installation Singapore!

Condenser and Evaporator are always sealed so that every time we will do a treatment, we have to call the service of an air conditioner. In order for the AC does not need always require maintenance of ac cleaning services, there are several ways to keep the operating system Air conditioner central can be well lit is cleaning Evaporator. The evaporator is an air system that is usually located on a stove in Plenary. Plenary only wrapped foil means we can clean it. But if the plenary is denoted with a sealed metal total means we can not clean it.