Google Adsense Custom Channel Ad Channel functionality

Custom channel function custom channel google Adsense ads is to create a special ad unit located in your Adsense account, please open a special channel so that as a publisher google Adsense ads can take advantage of this channel to track the performance of each existing ad unit, by having to create a channel folder first specifically your new google adsense. Custom Channel Google Adsense. By creating or adding a special Google Adsense ad channel or new Google Adsense custom channel there are benefits that we have picked such as to target ads that we publish from advertiser sites such as from AdWords advertiser members, so we target ads that are listed on Google AdWords from the site they are to present its ads for our blog. How to easily increase your Adsense earnings in cooperation with advertisers and if we use custom channel custom channel that we make then the impact as above the advertiser will give optimum consequences for our site although there is much competition in advertiser that, because we have targeted with keyword exactly the same as the ads concerned, so that advertisers will feel entrusted and interested to display ads on your blog. If you feel confused with iklan google, it’s a sign you have to use our services as SEO to help you.

When your blog is reviewing a niche it would be a complete addition to one channel, such as an automotive niche and explain the price of a car, then the channel named Car Price will be more focused on advertisers than car buying and selling products, so much of the advertiser’s profits will be happy with its product described in detail and automatically their ads will also appear continuously on our blog, in contrast to the multi-niche then you have to set the name of the channel with the target label or category that exist on your blog, for example there is the category of Insurance then create a channel with title Insurance or Insurance Products.