The landmines that can rip your tires apart on the road

Car tires are vital components in cars. One of the major threatening problems is the tire broke. Well here are the factors that cause the car tires to break when driving on the road. In the meantime, don’t forget to visit this link if you look for an affordable and recommended tire alignment service.

The wind pressure on the tires is less or below the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Less tire wind pressure can cause tire breaks as the car accelerates.

Tires will break if the wind shortage because the field of contact with the road is no longer optimal.

Optimally the entire surface is exposed to the road.

If this continues to be used the tire will become hot

As the tire expands and the steel wire cannot resist the development of tire expansion can break.

1. Stone or Fractional Glass that is tucked in Kembangan Ban

Stone, broken glass or hard objects often tucked in between tire development can be catastrophic.

The process, when the car runs, the tires as hammered repeatedly.

Nails that stuck in the tubeless tire (without inner tube) usually cause the wind pressure to decrease slowly.

2. Holes on the road.

Hole in the road becomes one of the causes of easily damaged tires.

If the collision is strong enough, can make the tire tear.

3. Overload

Each tire has a weight tolerance.

Eg the load index 70, then the tire has a capacity limit weighing 335 kg.

Multiply 4 then the load is 1340 kg.

If the car weighs 1,075 kg, the remaining load can be accommodated 255 kg.

If the car carries a 375 kg load continuously, this tire wall will easily crack and even the outer tire layer will peel off.

The condition will be worse if the wind pressure is below the benchmark.