Synthetic Oil Excellence

The excess amount of synthetic oil makes this type of oil development very intense. Synthetic oil was originally made from pure non-petroleum materials, but now much developed mineral oil with a grade that can be said to equal synthetic oil. Synthetic oil is agreed to belong to Group IV API grade if the constituent molecule is Polyalphaolefin, and is said to fit into Group V Class API if prepared by molecules other than Polyalphaolefins. While mineral oil with a quality approaching or even matching synthetic oil is included into API grade Group III. Globally, mineral oil with API Group III is also said to be synthetic oil even though its manufacture uses raw materials of petroleum. Do you want to get the best oil for your vehicle? No need to worry, you can get it with us Sears Oil Change! For the price, you do not have to ask, How Much is Sears Oil Change? Because the price you can get just by spending as much as $ 44.99 or $ 59.99 only!

Synthetic oil is considered to have more advantages when compared with mineral oil. Nevertheless, both have the same advantages and disadvantages of each. Here is a summary of the differences between synthetic oils and mineral oil in terms of various aspects. The pour point is the lowest temperature of the oil when it loses its flooding properties. The lower the value the better. Flashpoint is the highest temperature of the oil when the molecules begin to break and turn the phase into steam. The higher the value the better. Synthetic oils can survive at extremely low temperatures without the formation of wax deposits such as mineral oil, making the machine still smooth even at low temperatures. This condition is perfect for vehicles operating in cold climatic areas (mountain areas, sub-tropical or cold climates).

Synthetic oil is also not easily damaged and evaporates at very high temperatures. This is perfect for high-speed machines such as cars and motorsport, which requires high engine speed to generate maximum power. One thing to note is that although synthetic oil does not require oil replacement as often as mineral oil, late oil changes are also at risk to the machine itself. Because after all, synthetic oils used continuously or even working at high-speed conditions will surely break down over time. So that replacement also must be done in accordance with the instructions.