How to use condom properly

Are you sure of buying condom online? Is this your first time to use the condom? If you simply answer yes and are looking for information about how to use it properly, then you can continue reading this article.

– Note the size before you determine the condom you want

When installing a condom, make sure the vital device (male) is dry to facilitate the installation of the condom so that it is not easily removed, if the condom is getting tighter, stop for a moment your sexual activity may be signs your condom will leak or loose.

– Provide lubricant

Well, if you feel drying on your vital device (male) give a little lubricant or can use a little enough saliva at the tip of the penis, as he said.

– Should not keep condoms in a pants pocket

If you already have a condom that suits your choice, place or put a condom in your pocket or bag to keep the condom good and good.

– Use a quality condom

Wisely if you choose or buy a quality condom with a brand that has been tested the best product quality, currently sold many fake condoms. After the researches done, there are about 1.5 thousand types of condoms with different brands but not all have good quality.

– Be careful of fake condoms

Fake condoms come from China, they mimic condoms with the best quality and brand. The easiest way to find out the original condom quality with fake condoms by note the packaging on the condom, then smell/taste, if there is a smell/taste strange, it’s best not used or selected

– Notice the packaging and the date of exposure

Note the package or packing of condoms when the seal is damaged or packaged dents, do not choose then note the date kadarluasa. It is very important to prevent unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases of gonorrhea, syphilis, genital warts, hiv aids and other diseases.